Woodchuck and the Sermon Illustration

Ever since we moved into our new house, I have noticed particularly one woodchuck searching its food in the morning and occasionally in the afternoons. Last year, I had a great vegetable garden from which I harvested more than enough vegetables, especially pumpkin shoots for not only one family of four but also had the opportunity to share with other three families. Shoots was one … Continue reading Woodchuck and the Sermon Illustration

Staff Christmas and NY2012 Celebration

Today, we had a post Christmas and New Year celebration party for all the church staffs and their spouses. Someone from our church provided for the space in his office which is one of the oldest buildings but, of course, renovated very well in Grand Rapids downtown. The party was meant to celebrate Christmas among our church staff members and socialize as well. It was … Continue reading Staff Christmas and NY2012 Celebration

Projecting Poverty Where It Doesn’t Exist

I found this article very realistic, practical, and convincing by Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint who alongside other four missionaries was killed by indigenous Waodani Indian tribe in his mission in January 8, 1956. This article is originally posted in http://www.missionfrontiers.org. September 01, 2011 by Steve Saint Projecting Poverty Where It Doesn’t Exist I have been in relationship with the Waodani since 1956, when they killed my dad Nate … Continue reading Projecting Poverty Where It Doesn’t Exist

ऐतिहासिक एल क्लासिको २०११

अहिले केहि समयमै (Eastern Time) ४.०० बजे फूटबल क्लब बार्सिलोना र रियल म्याड्रिडबिच एल क्लासिको खेल रियल म्याड्रिडको खेल मैदान सान्टियागो बार्नाब्युमा शुरु हुदैछ | हुन त यो कुनै नौलो समाचार होइन | हरेक वर्ष यी दुई स्पानिश फूटबल हस्ती बिच ला लिगा म्याचमा दुइ पटक खेल्छन नै | तर यो वर्ष यी दुई अनन्तदेखिका शत्रु झैँ व्यवहार गर्ने र मैदानमा उत्रने खेल भने भिन्नै … Continue reading ऐतिहासिक एल क्लासिको २०११

Vreeman family- divine appointment!

In Fall 2007, an email went out from one of the Kuyper faculty to Kuyper faculty and staff about an international student who was newly married and waiting for her husband to join her shortly. The email was requesting them to donate household goods for this poor international student’s apartment to make it welcoming once her husband joined her. I was new to the area, … Continue reading Vreeman family- divine appointment!