An Oasis in Night

By the time, the thunderstorm slowly disappeared, a concrete portrait seemed to be moving in the distance. I shuddered with a fright, but the tranquility in the dark turned me stiff and numb. With the penetration of the flimsy light, it evaded the layers of dark patches of cloud. The clouds scattered all in sudden. The moon was stunningly beautiful though a little shy. Thereafter, I … Continue reading An Oasis in Night

Khokanā Mahotsav Concluded

By Amrit Dangol and Nirmala Dangol| Photo: Amrit Dangol and Sajana Dangol Today is the last day of Khokanā Mahotsav. People seemed even more interested today, as the flavor of pure Newāri was going to end today. The day started with a cold morning, but got warmer as the da progressed. The warmth of the sun encouraged the enthusiastic visitors to tour the Khokanā Mahotsav. … Continue reading Khokanā Mahotsav Concluded

Updates: Khokanā Mahotsav

We’ve received some pictures of the first day of the Khokanā Mahotsav 2011 that began today. Women are making Chatāmari in the food-stand in Nayajho, 7th Street. Photo: Kabita Maharjan ————————————————————————————— ©| Photo: Man Hari Maharjan —————————————————————————————- Continue reading Updates: Khokanā Mahotsav

Khokana Mahotsav (Festival) Begins

We had promised you to keep updating about the three-day Khokana Mahotsav (Festival) 2011, organized by Jyapu Mahaguthi in Khokana to promote tourism in Nepal. Having said that, we are trying to live up to the expectation of our readers by posting the updates, as we received them from our friends and family in Khokana, Nepal. The Festival kicked off officially today. Sharad Singh Bhandari, … Continue reading Khokana Mahotsav (Festival) Begins

“Progress,” a Poem by Chittadhar Hridaya


by Chittadhar ‘Hridaya’

The mind of a lunatic races on
in disarray deranged and rearranged
no point or pause for rest
Is this what we call progress?

The monsoon clouds, yes, billowing up
while the river runs down downward still
mist and snowy peaks, course of all rivers
If uncrossed, can it be progress?

Leaving the home life, starting anew
beginning the monk’s life
ends up the same too
Is this what we call progress?

The crow, in many ways adept,
is so-called clever yet
duped by the cuckoo, eggs exchanged
Shall we speak of this as progress?

Here we’ve arrived, but how much remains
like strolling around a huge rotund well
if travelling east, we wind up west,
Is circling the globe really progress?

A bamboo shoot rises as if to touch heaven
then battered by snowfall bends
hunched backed and humbled by age embraced
Shall we speak of youth is progress?

So too, Garuda, the great who flies
set him aside, for the ant unwavering
steady arrives, as he must as his place
Can his pace be counted as progress?

Translated by David Hargreaves नेपाल भाषं ब्वनेत थन क्लिक याना दिसं