A Wake Up Call

My dad didn’t even make it to high school. He started working when he was barely fourteen or fifteen. At twenty he was already married. My mother was barely nineteen. Those ages were actually quite old to get married back then. In their times, they didn’t adopt parenting models or methods of discipline; they lived as their culture expected. They just did the next thing. … Continue reading A Wake Up Call

A Failing Education System

I had the opportunity to interact with several teenagers of both sexes during my six weeks stay in Nepal. I had firsthand experience of how those young minds think and behave alike. The education system and the unreasonable demands from the parents that their children become who they want them to be when they grow up have equally played a vital role in molding and … Continue reading A Failing Education System

A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

As I was trying to sum up my almost  six-year career as a social worker in Grand Rapids, I am taking away a deeper burden for the infants and new moms. I have come to the conclusion that this society deeply cares about the well-being of its kids and mothers. And the State has placed good programs to support their needs. I was listening to … Continue reading A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

Spending a Month in “Goth” – Chhaupadi Pratha

In my recent visit to Nepal, my ol’ childhood good friends invited me to their office for a meeting. They have been working in the field of child rights and education. In their debriefing on how they are impacting the Nepali society in the far west Nepal, my friend told me that their vigorous effort to eliminate the malpractice of spending a month in “goth” or … Continue reading Spending a Month in “Goth” – Chhaupadi Pratha

Help Her Before It’s Too Late

The English title of this short video “One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of My Life” caught my eyes when I saw it on YouTube. This looks like a selfie project, I’m not certain. However, the description of the video seems to be a real story. When I pasted the title in Google Translator, it detected two different languages. So, it’s either Croatian or Bosnian. … Continue reading Help Her Before It’s Too Late

Elements of Servant Speaker

Public speaking is a form of art that seeks to engage the audience throughout speech. In order to draw them to the speaker, s/he should be artful in vocal and visual communication. That includes his body, gestures, facial expression and voice that keeps pace with the idea being expressed craftily, clearly, and efficiently. The well prepared speech should meet three artistic standards: thematic unity, expressiveness, … Continue reading Elements of Servant Speaker

The Effects of Divorce on Children and Adult Well-Being

Divorce, in terms of its effects in the psychological and social developmental process of children and now-adolescence, is widely discussed in our society. So the significant numbers of short and long-term researches have been done to find the scope of its effects. Still many research studies are underway. However, the findings of the research studies are not largely answering the unresolved questions whether divorce can … Continue reading The Effects of Divorce on Children and Adult Well-Being

Music as an Active Evangelism: Reaching Out Heathens with Melody

        “Without music life would be a mistake. The Germans imagines even God as a songster.”[1] These words came out from the mouth of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher who claimed boldly “God is dead.” His words are his sheer acknowledgement and his high view of music in the human life. Despite his disbelief in any supernatural being, a mere admission of “God … Continue reading Music as an Active Evangelism: Reaching Out Heathens with Melody

Reflection on Chapter One: Tracing Our Songliness

A Short Reflection on Chapter One of Book A Song to Sing, A Life to Live: Reflections on Music as Spiritual Practice by Don Salier and Emily Salier:  The chapter begins with making very strong assertion that throughout human history, people have been searching their individuality and destination in music and songs. Music came to exist a long time ago – even from the beginning of time; hence, … Continue reading Reflection on Chapter One: Tracing Our Songliness