Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

I had an opportunity to attend an autumn choral concert in East Kentwood High school in Kentwood district, Michigan this evening. Apart from the conductor and the pianist, all the performers were the coming-of-age high school kids. As they walked on the stage with outwardly seen confidence, the reverence of clap from their parents, relatives, and friends was just on the air even before their … Continue reading Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

East Meets West

By Prasha on 12/26/2009 It was the day that the east met the west. J. Ennis and I came up with the idea to sing a Nepali Christian song “Parameshwarako Chokho Bedima” for our Christmas Breakfast in Bethany. It ended up involving eight people- P. Sanyasi, P. Rai, D. Khatiwoda, J. Ennis, K. Deyoung, S. Noxon, A. Kelly and myself. It was one fun performance that … Continue reading East Meets West

Picnic with Bhutanese Refugees

Last week Friday, we had opportunity to join with Bhutanese Refugees for a picnic in Ada Town Park. People had brought many dishes along with some typical Nepali food. However, it seemed to be pizza dominated the rest of the dishes. There were games – Soccer, Basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and swing. Elderly people were engaged in talking, while youngsters kept themselves busy with games. These … Continue reading Picnic with Bhutanese Refugees

More Photos from NYC Visit

We took ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty which is standing still with pride and glory as the sign of liberty that the Americans are enjoying. The ticket costs $ 12 each without audio guide. Unfortunately, when we’re very close to the ticket-counter, there was an announcement that the Crown Ticket was no more available for that day after 2 pm. The Crown Ticket … Continue reading More Photos from NYC Visit

Attraction of NYC

Last night, we went to the Empire State Observatory which is 102 story. We also got some informative facts about the building. The total height of the building including the lightning rod is 1,454 feet. The height of the building from the ground floor to the 102nd floor observatory is 1,224 feet. Empire State Building at duskOriginally uploaded by Mark Interrante (aka pinhole) The view … Continue reading Attraction of NYC