Friday Meme: Oldie but Funnie

Not biblical but just for fun! “He who drinks, fallen asleep; he who sleeps does not sin; he who does not sin is saintly; Therefore, he who drinks is saintly.” “जसले [मद्द] पिउँछ, त्यो निदाउँछ; जो निदाउँछ त्यसले पाप गर्दैन; जसले पाप गर्दैन त्यो सन्त हो; त्यसकारण, जसले [मद्द] पिउँछ त्यो सन्त हो ।” Advertisements Continue reading Friday Meme: Oldie but Funnie

Millipede-the Man of the Match

By: Anon. Translated by: Satya Once there was a soccer match between insects and animals. The insects seemed very sloppy and tactically weak. As a result, they conceded 6 goals before the first half of the game. In the second half, there was a change from insect’s side. Millipede jumped into the pitch and bagged three hat-tricks plus one goals against the animals. The final score … Continue reading Millipede-the Man of the Match