A Significant Gesture That Swelled Up A Father’s Heart

I woke up this morning with a heavily pounded head. Migraine is crippling me now and then. Standing straight definitely helped but lying down or inclining backwards or forwards did not help at all. Please do not tell me how it is like to have headache if you have not experienced a migraine ever. Only people with migraine can understand what we go through. Consequently, … Continue reading A Significant Gesture That Swelled Up A Father’s Heart

The Melting Pot

Most of us have wondered what American culture is. What really defines this North American culture? And when we dig deeper, American culture isn’t as straight forward and simplistic as it appears to be. Though most of the people who live in this land may call themselves American, each individual has a cultural history. In the general sense, they are Americans, but as you delve … Continue reading The Melting Pot

Woman Finds Her Liberation…..

At the age of twelve, she was subjected to sleep with a man much older to her. She gave birth to four kids and numerous miscarriages in between. The last baby, they mutually decided to abort to speed up the process to fly to the US. She had wanted to use birth control as numerous pregnancies and kids one after another was getting to her … Continue reading Woman Finds Her Liberation…..

Being a minority

Being a minority does hurt. It hurts a lot. When I first came to America at a public university, no body really cared.  I had a hard time making friends. We automatically got pushed to the international student group or ‘support’ group. Regular American students were disinterested in foreign students unless they were particularly interested in your country and culture. When some Christian friends came … Continue reading Being a minority