Good Friday: When Something Bad Turns to be Good

This is a teaching on Good Friday that I did for the church few weeks ago. One of the youths in the church approached me and asked if I could do a short teaching on the topic and why we observe something such a bad day in the history to be something so good for us. The video is in Nepali though. Continue reading Good Friday: When Something Bad Turns to be Good

Groaning and Growing Together

I know, I know! It’s been a while that I’ve not posted anything here. I have been very busy, since we had our second son. My proposal for intern pastoral staff position was approved by the elders’ committee. Now, I’m in the pastoral staff in our church for a year. By the end of my term, I’ll have gone for seminary. However, my ministry among … Continue reading Groaning and Growing Together

Elements of Servant Speaker

Public speaking is a form of art that seeks to engage the audience throughout speech. In order to draw them to the speaker, s/he should be artful in vocal and visual communication. That includes his body, gestures, facial expression and voice that keeps pace with the idea being expressed craftily, clearly, and efficiently. The well prepared speech should meet three artistic standards: thematic unity, expressiveness, … Continue reading Elements of Servant Speaker

Seeking Solitude while Rising Ruckus

The clear sky and greenish everywhere — The black patches of clouds disappeared and the sun shone brightly to give pleasure to exhausted eyes that had not seen the ray of the sun for last four days. All of a sudden, the bus stops at the side of highway and a number of other vehicles stand in a row that could be  reckoned on the … Continue reading Seeking Solitude while Rising Ruckus