Short Documentary: Survivors’ Stories Amid Unimaginable Loss

Not that long ago on 25th April 2015, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal that claimed nearly 8000 lives and displaced estimated 200,000 people. After experiencing more than 150 aftershocks and several 5+ Richter scales tremors, people thought that dust had settled and started going back to their houses that were livable. People were trying to recover and come to the terms of unimaginable suffering … Continue reading Short Documentary: Survivors’ Stories Amid Unimaginable Loss

Aerial Footage from Nepal Reveals Earthquake Devastation

The death toll in Nepal has risen beyond 3,700 after Saturday’s devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The worst earthquake the country has seen in 80 years devastated the capital of Kathmandu along with surrounding areas including the ancient city of Bhaktapur. Arial footage shows the impact across the region. Source: Mashable Continue reading Aerial Footage from Nepal Reveals Earthquake Devastation

#NepalEarthquake 7.9: National Tragedy

My tight-knit community of around 7,000 is also hit hard by this earthquake. The United States Geological Survey reported that a scale of 7.9 magnitude earthquake wrecked Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal. The epicenter was only 35 kilometers, the east of Lamjung, Nepal. At this point, the Nepal Government has confirmed more than 1500 death toll and this number could rise since the … Continue reading #NepalEarthquake 7.9: National Tragedy

Elephant’s Skull

On the second day of our trip, we went to see the elephant breeding place in Sauraha, Chitawan National Park. Ticket counter has an adjacent room that is used as one-room museum that displays the big skull of a dead elephant. Four walls of the room is covered with valuable information on elephant’s life-cycle, its inhabitant, health issues and challenges to rear them etc. etc. … Continue reading Elephant’s Skull

Sluggish Internet But Ridiculous Price

Internet is very slow here. It’s, however, better than the ancient dialup where you would wait for your modem to dial and connect to the net. Yet, it’s just not good enough to update apps in my laptop, tablets or posting pictures or backing up datas in my devices. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t write right away the ideas that are popping in my … Continue reading Sluggish Internet But Ridiculous Price

Poor Grandparents Don’t Have Driveway!

Answering your child’s peculiar questions can be pretty daunting task sometimes. In the midst of our conversation the other day, I told my sons that once they go visit their grandparents in Nepal, they have to learn to live without power (electricity). They won’t see light most part of the day, as blackouts are quite frequent and have become a part of life. I showed my … Continue reading Poor Grandparents Don’t Have Driveway!