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Farmer’s Outcry- Government’s Systemic Repression

This picture in the story is not of a communist China, or totalitarian state North Korea, theocratic Iran or Saudi Arabia, or autocratic African countries where the state confiscates the private properties of a political opponent. It is happening in Khokana – a little town of Newa: indigenous people group on the outskirt of the capital city in Nepal. The farmers were trying to till … Continue reading Farmer’s Outcry- Government’s Systemic Repression

You Look Fantastic!

I am not much of a writer but I occasionally try my hand at it. Today was one of those days where I wanted to pen down some reflections. Perhaps, because something repetitive has been happening to me. On several occasions, people I see daily or others who I have run into after years have mentioned things like- “Prasha, you look well!” “You look fantastic.” … Continue reading You Look Fantastic!

Ranting Against Accent

Just because I have lived in West Michigan for few years does not necessarily mean that I need to imitate the native English speakers and sound like them. As opposed to mimicking, I want to learn to pronounce words clearly and speak fluidly without verbal fillers.

Be courteous to the person who is speaking your language. They had to learn it from the scratch. Continue reading Ranting Against Accent

Mourn the Loss for Cattle Over a Human Baby?

One thing I don’t understand: People feel pain for the loss or miscarriage of their cattle while do not feel the least of the pain when their daughters-in-law miscarriage a baby girl/fetus for thinking, “She can have a baby again.” I am not raising the issue whether a fetus is a baby or not here. Neither am I trying to contest that people should not … Continue reading Mourn the Loss for Cattle Over a Human Baby?

Nepalese Around the Globe: Doha, Qatar – Part III

I wish I never had to continue writing on this topic after blogging two series (Part I/Part II) in the past. I stumbled upon the same people, same airport, and same airline but the only differences were that I stayed in the different hotel, had different food and a new experience that changed my perception toward Nepalese migrant workers. You find them where not but every … Continue reading Nepalese Around the Globe: Doha, Qatar – Part III

Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

I had an interesting talk with a gentleman who I have known for a long time in my last visit to Nepal. During our conversation on a wide variety of topics, he brought up the topic of the educational system in Nepal. Another fellow also jumped in the middle of the conversation and delivered his verdict against a particular school that is known for sending … Continue reading Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

As I was trying to sum up my almost  six-year career as a social worker in Grand Rapids, I am taking away a deeper burden for the infants and new moms. I have come to the conclusion that this society deeply cares about the well-being of its kids and mothers. And the State has placed good programs to support their needs. I was listening to … Continue reading A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

The Melting Pot

Most of us have wondered what American culture is. What really defines this North American culture? And when we dig deeper, American culture isn’t as straight forward and simplistic as it appears to be. Though most of the people who live in this land may call themselves American, each individual has a cultural history. In the general sense, they are Americans, but as you delve … Continue reading The Melting Pot