National Acculturation of Corruption

I published this essay entitled Ruthlessly Exposed and Disgraced Hat on sometime ago. I thought it is still relevant to the present day situation of Nepal as of the Government raised power-cut by another two hours recently. So, I have it converted to speech (audio mp3) through online software. Hope you will enjoy. Note: There are some Nepali words that the speaker failed to … Continue reading National Acculturation of Corruption

Ruthlessly Exposed and Disgraced Hat

I still remember this particular patriotic song, Yo Nepali Shir Uchāli, Sansāramā Lamkanchha; Junkiri Jhai Jyoti Bāli, Andhakāramā Chamkanchha. Whoever had authored this song with patriotism might have thought of United Nations Nepalese Peacekeeping Army marching in the war-torn nations in the third world where the then Royal Nepal Army had earned a high-esteem for maintaining peace with UN and Nepali flag with a message … Continue reading Ruthlessly Exposed and Disgraced Hat

Chhwô Pāŭ Kwā:

Chhwon Paun Kwa:

Chhwô Pāŭ Kwā: (Nepali: आलु-तामा; आलु डम [/tʃwɒ́ŋ pαυŋ kwα:/]; Nepal Bhasa: छ्वोँ पाउँ क्वा:) is a delicious soup made of beans, potatoes and other veggies served as one of the entrées in Newāh meals. It takes a lot of work to make this soup just right- a little bit tarty, spicy and thick. Making of this Kwa: has been modified over times. At present, it is widely known as Ālu-Tāmā or  Ālu-Dum among Nepalese people of all background and served everyday in local inns and pubs.

Nevertheless,  Ālu-Tāmā or  Ālu-Dumis coined words from people of Nepali language speaking background which basically means “potatoes-bamboo shoot”. I think this term does not grasp the core meaning of Chhwô Pāŭ Kwā: as its meaning has something other than simply potato and bamboo shoot. Chhwô Pāŭ Kwā: is a bamboo shoot-sour dish designated as a relish. Continue reading “Chhwô Pāŭ Kwā:”

नेवा: भाय ल्हायेगु मखुला ?

नेपा: दे दंकं नेपाल भाषा ल्हाइपीं नेवा: त झन्-झन् हायावना च्वोंगु दु । नेपा: गाले जक मखु, नेपाल मण्डले दुने च्वँपीं नेवा: तयसँ नेवा: भाय ल्हायेगु हे त्वतेधुन्कल । स्वनिग:ले दुने न नेवा: तयसँ थ: छ्यें-छ्यें दुने मचा-खाचा तयत खस भाय स्यने त अपो कुत: याइ । गुलिस्याँ छुयायत नेवा: भाय स्यनेगु, लजगा: दईमखु, गनं ज्या: मव धका: न धाइ । उमित: थगु माँ-भाय धैगु लजगा: चुलाके फइमखुलिं ज्या: मव । थ्वहे जुया, यक्कु नेवा: मस्तयसँ थगु माँ भाययात: लोमङ्का छोयधुङ्कल । अङ्रेजी थौं-कन्हे मसयक, मदयक मगागु भाय ख: । थ्वो: भाय स: धायेवं लजगा: दै धका: धायथा मदु । अथेसां भायनितिं झिगु नुगले तधङगु थाय दु । तर थागु माँ-भाय धासा लजगा: चुलाके ज्या: मव धका: झिसं लोमङ्केगु ज्या: याना च्वना । Continue reading “नेवा: भाय ल्हायेगु मखुला ?”

Where the Green Rice Field Have Gone?

Recently, I talked to my folks to keep myself updated about the ongoing development in Khokana. I grew up in a small community of 100 % Newāh or Newār indigenous people group in the outskirt of Kathmandu valley, Nepal. They informed me that real estate business is thriving. Locals are selling their lands like never before. It was not utterly unexpected, yet shocking that Nepalese, especially … Continue reading Where the Green Rice Field Have Gone?

अभिनय भनेको खेल हो ?

नौ वर्ष पूरा भएर दश वर्ष लागिसकेछ मैले कुनै पनि नेपाली चलचित्र नहेरेको । त्यसयता हेर्ने कहिल्यै जाँगर पनि चलेन । हाम्रा छिमेकी ठुल्दाइको बलिउडबाट जस्ताको तस्तै नेपालीमा उतारेको, अङ्रेजीमा भन्छन् नी ‘कपी क्याट’ हेर्ने न मसँग बेकाइदाको फुर्सत थियो, न त हलसम्म पुग्ने रहर, न त पैसाको बोट ! एकाध नेपाली चलचित्र हाम्रो देशको वस्तुपरक छ, बाँकी सबै उही हो – अर्थ न बर्थ, … Continue reading अभिनय भनेको खेल हो ?