Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

I had an interesting talk with a gentleman who I have known for a long time in my last visit to Nepal. During our conversation on a wide variety of topics, he brought up the topic of the educational system in Nepal. Another fellow also jumped in the middle of the conversation and delivered his verdict against a particular school that is known for sending … Continue reading Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

Scary Moments Staying Behind the Wheels During Tornado

Watching tornado chasers in television always enthused me. They seemed to be crazily adventurous people who drive after tornado and shot video clips putting their lives in danger. However, they have found joy and their purpose in their lives doing so. For me as a spectator, it never made complete sense of it. It still does not. Last night, we had an EF1 tornado that … Continue reading Scary Moments Staying Behind the Wheels During Tornado

The Aftereffects of Fender Bender and Gratitude to My Maker

I am suffering from the aftereffects of a fender bender. That was the first time ever that I was liable for the accidents. Instead, I was in the receiving end. I am very grateful to my God that my son and I drove home unharmed that night. My SUV was also not damaged than expected. My son did not even know what happened that night. … Continue reading The Aftereffects of Fender Bender and Gratitude to My Maker

The Melting Pot

Most of us have wondered what American culture is. What really defines this North American culture? And when we dig deeper, American culture isn’t as straight forward and simplistic as it appears to be. Though most of the people who live in this land may call themselves American, each individual has a cultural history. In the general sense, they are Americans, but as you delve … Continue reading The Melting Pot

Elements of Servant Speaker

Public speaking is a form of art that seeks to engage the audience throughout speech. In order to draw them to the speaker, s/he should be artful in vocal and visual communication. That includes his body, gestures, facial expression and voice that keeps pace with the idea being expressed craftily, clearly, and efficiently. The well prepared speech should meet three artistic standards: thematic unity, expressiveness, … Continue reading Elements of Servant Speaker

Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

I had an opportunity to attend an autumn choral concert in East Kentwood High school in Kentwood district, Michigan this evening. Apart from the conductor and the pianist, all the performers were the coming-of-age high school kids. As they walked on the stage with outwardly seen confidence, the reverence of clap from their parents, relatives, and friends was just on the air even before their … Continue reading Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert