“Sikali Jatra” Kicks Off

By Kabita Maharjan Khokana, the traditional suburb occupied by 4258 people, according to Population Census 2001, and 7 km far away from the capital city in Nepal has a very unique and eve-famous festival called Khokana Jatra or Sikali Jatra. It begins on 29th of September and concludes on 3rd of October. The custom, traditions, and  life style is still far from modernization. Even being … Continue reading “Sikali Jatra” Kicks Off

“Power Broker” in Jail

Charles Mendes was born to a missionary couple in Nepal. He is known for his influence on major political party leaders. In the business circle, he is talked as a “power broker” who is capable of influencing political leaders in the capital. Today, one of the biggest media houses in Nepal reported on Mendes that he was arrested for allegedly fraud, as a man named by Alexander … Continue reading “Power Broker” in Jail

Nepal Bhāsā is officially on Facebook

Some of you who speak Nepal Bhāsā might have noticed in the social network, Facebook where you enter the languages known to you is updated automatically if you had previously had the word “Newari”. Recently, they changed  the term ‘Newāri‘ into Nepal Bhāsā after requesting the apps developer for this cause. Now when you type the word ‘Newār’ or ‘Nepal,’ in the languages field, Nepal Bhāsā … Continue reading Nepal Bhāsā is officially on Facebook

Khokanā Mahotsav Concluded

By Amrit Dangol and Nirmala Dangol| Photo: Amrit Dangol and Sajana Dangol Today is the last day of Khokanā Mahotsav. People seemed even more interested today, as the flavor of pure Newāri was going to end today. The day started with a cold morning, but got warmer as the da progressed. The warmth of the sun encouraged the enthusiastic visitors to tour the Khokanā Mahotsav. … Continue reading Khokanā Mahotsav Concluded

Khokanā Mahotsav – 2nd Day

By Amrit Dangol 16th January 2011 The second day of Khokanā Mahotsav went very well. Though it rained almost all day, the visitors did not feel the least discouraged or disinterested.  The visitors seemed unhappy about the rain and there was a decline in the number of visitors in comparison to the first day. The roads of Khokanā were all muddy making it difficult to … Continue reading Khokanā Mahotsav – 2nd Day

Updates: Khokanā Mahotsav

We’ve received some pictures of the first day of the Khokanā Mahotsav 2011 that began today. Women are making Chatāmari in the food-stand in Nayajho, 7th Street. Photo: Kabita Maharjan ————————————————————————————— ©swaniga.com| Photo: Man Hari Maharjan —————————————————————————————- Continue reading Updates: Khokanā Mahotsav