Bidding Farewell to Breastfeeding

It feels like I have been breastfeeding my children for at least a decade. It is kind of true, though. Pratya was barely two and a half years old when Saral was born. I breastfed Saral even until after Sasha was born and tandem breastfed the first couple of months even though my husband strongly encouraged me to completely wean Saral. Poor guy still sucks … Continue reading Bidding Farewell to Breastfeeding

A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

As I was trying to sum up my almost  six-year career as a social worker in Grand Rapids, I am taking away a deeper burden for the infants and new moms. I have come to the conclusion that this society deeply cares about the well-being of its kids and mothers. And the State has placed good programs to support their needs. I was listening to … Continue reading A Passion That Won’t Go Away…

Spending a Month in “Goth” – Chhaupadi Pratha

In my recent visit to Nepal, my ol’ childhood good friends invited me to their office for a meeting. They have been working in the field of child rights and education. In their debriefing on how they are impacting the Nepali society in the far west Nepal, my friend told me that their vigorous effort to eliminate the malpractice of spending a month in “goth” or … Continue reading Spending a Month in “Goth” – Chhaupadi Pratha

Formula-Feeding and My idea of Being American

In the past 5-6 years as a social worker working with immigrants from various countries, I do not know how many times I have come across clients who thought feeding formula vs your own breast-milk was being more American. The first year or so I used to interpret even at the medical appointments for some of the clients that spoke my language. I used to … Continue reading Formula-Feeding and My idea of Being American

Chhaupadi Pratha: An Actus Reus

I found out a case study and a report on Chhaupadi Pratha in Mid and Far-Western regions of Nepal as of late. I had never heard about this kind of malpractice called “Chhaupadi Pratha” before. But when I read about it, my jaws were wide-opened in an utter shock that this practice bars women from their daily activities like work, school, and deprive them of … Continue reading Chhaupadi Pratha: An Actus Reus