Do You Grow Your Own Food?

Many of you wouldn’t know what our last name, Maharjan, means. Maharjans fall under the Newa:  caste system which defines a group of people who were/are farmers. Of course, Maharjans are not just limited to farming anymore. So, sometimes I wonder if our inclination to growing some of our food has to do with our roots. I know, farming is not something many people aspire to … Continue reading Do You Grow Your Own Food?

An Oasis in Night

By the time, the thunderstorm slowly disappeared, a concrete portrait seemed to be moving in the distance. I shuddered with a fright, but the tranquility in the dark turned me stiff and numb. With the penetration of the flimsy light, it evaded the layers of dark patches of cloud. The clouds scattered all in sudden. The moon was stunningly beautiful though a little shy. Thereafter, I … Continue reading An Oasis in Night

Mourn the Loss for Cattle Over a Human Baby?

One thing I don’t understand: People feel pain for the loss or miscarriage of their cattle while do not feel the least of the pain when their daughters-in-law miscarriage a baby girl/fetus for thinking, “She can have a baby again.” I am not raising the issue whether a fetus is a baby or not here. Neither am I trying to contest that people should not … Continue reading Mourn the Loss for Cattle Over a Human Baby?