Ranjana Script

रन्ज़ना लिपि वर्णमाला सयेकिगु-स्येनेगु कुत: दसा थन द्वां झासँ |

Do you want to learn how to write in Ranjana script? If Yes, then download Ranjana pdf file.

Click here to download Ranjana Script

Other External Links

* [http://malaiya.tripod.com/ranjana/ Ranjana script]
* [http://www.omniglot.com/writing/ranjana.htm Newari/Ranjana script page on Omniglot]
* [http://www.evertype.com/standards/tai/newari.pdf Proposal for encoding Newari in Unicode]
* [http://www.jwajalapa.com/lipi/index.php Jwajalapa]
* [http://malaiya.tripod.com/ranjana/ranjanacomb.gifExample of script]
* [http://www.geocities.com/ranjanafont/manuscripts.htm Manuscripts in Ranjana]
* [http://www.lantsha-vartu.org/ranjanascript/index.html Ranjana script]

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