Scripts (लिपी)

Nepal Bhasha, also known as Newāh bhaye or Newari, is one of the major languages of Nepal. It is the mother tongue of Newāh people group who is the original inhabitant of Kathmandu Valley. It is also spoken partly in Sikkim in India. It used to be the national language of the then three autonomous states of Nepal Mandal; Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur before Nepal was unified as one Kingdom. Nepal Bhasa belongs to Tibeto-Burman brance which has its root in the Sino-Tibetan languages.

Nepal Bhasa is based on Abugida (pronounced /ˌɑːbuːˈɡiːdə/) also known as alphasyllabary writing system. It is written in segments and based on consonants which makes vowels only secondary phonetics despite their obligatory inclusion in the formation of words.

Following scripts are used to write Nepal Bhasa language:

At present, only Prachalit, Ranjana, and Devanagari are the most common in use.

For more information on Nepal Bhasa, click here.

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