Passengers Roping For But What?

Have you ever had a car or bus ride where you had to get down and push it to pull aside or jump start? Well, I’ve had one of those experiences in the past where we were told to get off the bus and push it to start the engine that suddenly turned off on its own. You stay behind the bus or car in a push-up position, hold your breath, and push the vehicle with all your might just like the picture below;)

Bus stuck in Bajura road

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Homebound Before Nepal Bound

The day that we were anxiously waiting was not that far when all this late drama unfolded. We were going to visit family in Nepal after six years but a bizarre incident almost jeopardized our entire plan. While playing soccer with my sons in the backyard, I fractured a metatarsal in my right foot. What initially seemed to be a normal sprain and bruise turned out … Continue reading Homebound Before Nepal Bound

The Aftereffects of Fender Bender and Gratitude to My Maker

I am suffering from the aftereffects of a fender bender. That was the first time ever that I was liable for the accidents. Instead, I was in the receiving end. I am very grateful to my God that my son and I drove home unharmed that night. My SUV was also not damaged than expected. My son did not even know what happened that night. … Continue reading The Aftereffects of Fender Bender and Gratitude to My Maker

Seeking Solitude while Rising Ruckus

The clear sky and greenish everywhere — The black patches of clouds disappeared and the sun shone brightly to give pleasure to exhausted eyes that had not seen the ray of the sun for last four days. All of a sudden, the bus stops at the side of highway and a number of other vehicles stand in a row that could be  reckoned on the … Continue reading Seeking Solitude while Rising Ruckus