The Melting Pot

Most of us have wondered what American culture is. What really defines this North American culture? And when we dig deeper, American culture isn’t as straight forward and simplistic as it appears to be. Though most of the people who live in this land may call themselves American, each individual has a cultural history. In the general sense, they are Americans, but as you delve … Continue reading The Melting Pot

Chhaupadi Pratha: An Actus Reus

I found out a case study and a report on Chhaupadi Pratha in Mid and Far-Western regions of Nepal as of late. I had never heard about this kind of malpractice called “Chhaupadi Pratha” before. But when I read about it, my jaws were wide-opened in an utter shock that this practice bars women from their daily activities like work, school, and deprive them of … Continue reading Chhaupadi Pratha: An Actus Reus