Elephant’s Skull

On the second day of our trip, we went to see the elephant breeding place in Sauraha, Chitawan National Park. Ticket counter has an adjacent room that is used as one-room museum that displays the big skull of a dead elephant. Four walls of the room is covered with valuable information on elephant’s life-cycle, its inhabitant, health issues and challenges to rear them etc. etc. … Continue reading Elephant’s Skull

Poor Grandparents Don’t Have Driveway!

Answering your child’s peculiar questions can be pretty daunting task sometimes. In the midst of our conversation the other day, I told my sons that once they go visit their grandparents in Nepal, they have to learn to live without power (electricity). They won’t see light most part of the day, as blackouts are quite frequent and have become a part of life. I showed my … Continue reading Poor Grandparents Don’t Have Driveway!

A Significant Gesture That Swelled Up A Father’s Heart

I woke up this morning with a heavily pounded head. Migraine is crippling me now and then. Standing straight definitely helped but lying down or inclining backwards or forwards did not help at all. Please do not tell me how it is like to have headache if you have not experienced a migraine ever. Only people with migraine can understand what we go through. Consequently, … Continue reading A Significant Gesture That Swelled Up A Father’s Heart