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Farmer’s Outcry- Government’s Systemic Repression

This picture in the story is not of a communist China, or totalitarian state North Korea, theocratic Iran or Saudi Arabia, or autocratic African countries where the state confiscates the private properties of a political opponent. It is happening in Khokana – a little town of Newa: indigenous people group on the outskirt of the capital city in Nepal. The farmers were trying to till … Continue reading Farmer’s Outcry- Government’s Systemic Repression

You Look Fantastic!

I am not much of a writer but I occasionally try my hand at it. Today was one of those days where I wanted to pen down some reflections. Perhaps, because something repetitive has been happening to me. On several occasions, people I see daily or others who I have run into after years have mentioned things like- “Prasha, you look well!” “You look fantastic.” … Continue reading You Look Fantastic!

Bidding Farewell to Breastfeeding

It feels like I have been breastfeeding my children for at least a decade. It is kind of true, though. Pratya was barely two and a half years old when Saral was born. I breastfed Saral even until after Sasha was born and tandem breastfed the first couple of months even though my husband strongly encouraged me to completely wean Saral. Poor guy still sucks … Continue reading Bidding Farewell to Breastfeeding