Where the Green Rice Field Have Gone?

Recently, I talked to my folks to keep myself updated about the ongoing development in Khokana. I grew up in a small community of 100 % Newāh or Newār indigenous people group in the outskirt of Kathmandu valley, Nepal. They informed me that real estate business is thriving. Locals are selling their lands like never before. It was not utterly unexpected, yet shocking that Nepalese, especially … Continue reading Where the Green Rice Field Have Gone?

Saugatuck Dunes Field Trip

Thursday was a wonderful day. Sunshine, beautiful green foliage, and Sand Dunes Trip with college friends – something I was looking forward to! I wanted Prasha to join me, but she was all day busy with her work. We reached at Saugatuck Sand Dunes State Park after forty-five minutes ride from our campus. I had heard about the Sand dunes since my arrival here in … Continue reading Saugatuck Dunes Field Trip

Bog Walking and Jumping

Have you ever jumped in the bog anywhere? Today, we went to Towns End Park for bog walking and jumping. First of all, let me introduce what the wetland is before we talk about bog. The wetlands by definition is generally area of transition between dry upland and open water or low lying area which collects water drainage or intersects the water table. Having said, … Continue reading Bog Walking and Jumping