Good Friday: When Something Bad Turns to be Good

This is a teaching on Good Friday that I did for the church few weeks ago. One of the youths in the church approached me and asked if I could do a short teaching on the topic and why we observe something such a bad day in the history to be something so good for us. The video is in Nepali though. Continue reading Good Friday: When Something Bad Turns to be Good

Change of Season of Life

Winter season is saying Good Bye after leaving record high snowfall this year, Spring is thawing the little snow hills and ice patches from the driveways. Sun is unveiling itself as a reserved bride. The change of this new season cannot be not talked about the changes it has brought in our lives too. This season of life is more like riding a roller-coaster.   … Continue reading Change of Season of Life

This is the Best Thing Happened to Me in 2013

Few days ago, I posted a picture of me cuddling a little baby on Facebook with the same status as of the title of this blog post. Thereafter Facebook notifications popped up every time I logged onto my account. Friends “Liked” it. None of them might have known that I meant it when I wrote that. We just welcomed a new year and the year … Continue reading This is the Best Thing Happened to Me in 2013

Being a minority

Being a minority does hurt. It hurts a lot. When I first came to America at a public university, no body really cared.  I had a hard time making friends. We automatically got pushed to the international student group or ‘support’ group. Regular American students were disinterested in foreign students unless they were particularly interested in your country and culture. When some Christian friends came … Continue reading Being a minority