Nepalese Around the Globe: Doha, Qatar – Part III

I wish I never had to continue writing on this topic after blogging two series (Part I/Part II) in the past. I stumbled upon the same people, same airport, and same airline but the only differences were that I stayed in the different hotel, had different food and a new experience that changed my perception toward Nepalese migrant workers. You find them where not but every … Continue reading Nepalese Around the Globe: Doha, Qatar – Part III

Short Documentary: Survivors’ Stories Amid Unimaginable Loss

Not that long ago on 25th April 2015, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal that claimed nearly 8000 lives and displaced estimated 200,000 people. After experiencing more than 150 aftershocks and several 5+ Richter scales tremors, people thought that dust had settled and started going back to their houses that were livable. People were trying to recover and come to the terms of unimaginable suffering … Continue reading Short Documentary: Survivors’ Stories Amid Unimaginable Loss

Story of “Across Seven Seas”

I know for sure that the idiomatic title of the blog “Across seven seas” has something to do with seas when traveling abroad. I am not so sure how many seas I flew over when I left Nepal for the US though. The idiom in Nepali metaphorically depicts the idea of distance between two geographical parts of the globe.
Today, I am living across many more seas and the Pacific Ocean an the Atlantic Ocean in the “land of fairy tales”. I did not coin this phrase but heard a social scientist who happened to be my wife’s first cousin from the Hiroshima University used it to refer to America.

Continue reading “Story of “Across Seven Seas””

National Acculturation of Corruption

I published this essay entitled Ruthlessly Exposed and Disgraced Hat on sometime ago. I thought it is still relevant to the present day situation of Nepal as of the Government raised power-cut by another two hours recently. So, I have it converted to speech (audio mp3) through online software. Hope you will enjoy. Note: There are some Nepali words that the speaker failed to … Continue reading National Acculturation of Corruption