National Acculturation of Corruption

I published this essay entitled Ruthlessly Exposed and Disgraced Hat on sometime ago. I thought it is still relevant to the present day situation of Nepal as of the Government raised power-cut by another two hours recently. So, I have it converted to speech (audio mp3) through online software. Hope you will enjoy. Note: There are some Nepali words that the speaker failed to … Continue reading National Acculturation of Corruption

Fireflies… No More Load-Shedding

Back in the old days, I used to play with fireflies or lightning bugs in my neighborhood. Fireflies would show up from nowhere in Spring. After sometime, they would just disappear without letting us know where they had gone. I loved to play with them. As the sun went down and houses in the neighborhood would light up, kids would come out of their houses … Continue reading Fireflies… No More Load-Shedding