A Wake Up Call

My dad didn’t even make it to high school. He started working when he was barely fourteen or fifteen. At twenty he was already married. My mother was barely nineteen. Those ages were actually quite old to get married back then. In their times, they didn’t adopt parenting models or methods of discipline; they lived as their culture expected. They just did the next thing. … Continue reading A Wake Up Call

I Bet You Don’t Have a Friend Like Mine!

“Oh, hey, you are my suite-mate!” was the first sentence to the first friend I met at Timmer dorm in Kuyper College premises. 11 years have passed and we have been there for each other at different stages of our lives. There are some friends with whom many days, several months or years will have passed between conversations, but at every encounter, it will have … Continue reading I Bet You Don’t Have a Friend Like Mine!

A Failing Education System

I had the opportunity to interact with several teenagers of both sexes during my six weeks stay in Nepal. I had firsthand experience of how those young minds think and behave alike. The education system and the unreasonable demands from the parents that their children become who they want them to be when they grow up have equally played a vital role in molding and … Continue reading A Failing Education System

Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

I had an interesting talk with a gentleman who I have known for a long time in my last visit to Nepal. During our conversation on a wide variety of topics, he brought up the topic of the educational system in Nepal. Another fellow also jumped in the middle of the conversation and delivered his verdict against a particular school that is known for sending … Continue reading Overloading Homework Breaking Kids Back

Busy with School! No Click-Click

I felt like I’ve not posted anything for years. My grad. school started a month ago and things have not got into place. It seems I am yet to settle in Chicago. A lot happening in a month with kids, family, friends, and relatives. My 4 years old boy started his preschool. Another toddler was already getting handful and now seems to be hyper. Commuting … Continue reading Busy with School! No Click-Click