Friday Meme: Oldie but Funnie

Not biblical but just for fun! “He who drinks, fallen asleep; he who sleeps does not sin; he who does not sin is saintly; Therefore, he who drinks is saintly.” “जसले [मद्द] पिउँछ, त्यो निदाउँछ; जो निदाउँछ त्यसले पाप गर्दैन; जसले पाप गर्दैन त्यो सन्त हो; त्यसकारण, जसले [मद्द] पिउँछ त्यो सन्त हो ।” Advertisements Continue reading Friday Meme: Oldie but Funnie

Too Ignorant to Replace Light Bulb in the Room

The very first thing I immediately noticed in my apartment in Chicago is dead light bulb in the room. I have been living in this apartment room for almost but have not got changed the light bulb. Often time, I think of buying one for the ceiling; however, I keep forgetting once I get in there. Again, I settle with a glowing CFL that is standing on … Continue reading Too Ignorant to Replace Light Bulb in the Room

Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

I had an opportunity to attend an autumn choral concert in East Kentwood High school in Kentwood district, Michigan this evening. Apart from the conductor and the pianist, all the performers were the coming-of-age high school kids. As they walked on the stage with outwardly seen confidence, the reverence of clap from their parents, relatives, and friends was just on the air even before their … Continue reading Reflection on Autumn Choral Concert

Will to Live in Wilderness

Refreshing Time with Bhutanese community in Ada Town Park I simply copied this post from my another photo blog that I had posted on 15th August 2009. I am still actively ministering our Bhutanese brothers and sisters. So, I thought that it will not be a bad idea to repost the same blog in Nepaenglish. These two elderly people moved to the United States of … Continue reading Will to Live in Wilderness

Road Festival

Last weekend, we went to Grand Rapids downtown. No sooner had we stepped in the parking lot than we heard gospel bands were performing in the stages. It was road festival taking place right at one of the major cities of Michigan. An exclusive circle of people with common purpose – enjoy concerts, concerto, and dances – was hanging all around the main road, inns, … Continue reading Road Festival