Video (संकिपा:)

When you want to know what Kathmandu Valley looked like back in 70’s and 80s, what would you do? Probably, you go to web browsers whether you can find any pictures or videos. Yes, videos are far better than the picture when you want to see things in linear. This is the video of Trolley bus that was donated by the Chinese government to Nepal. Enjoy this video.

Video Links: [Beaten-Rice]    [Making of Straw-Mat]     [Preparing Hukka]    [Nepal Tourism Year 2011]    [Jyapu Tah:Mujya 2006]     [Interview with Dr. David N. Gellner, Part 1 of 2]     [Interview with Dr. David N. Gellner, Part 2 0f 2]

Nepal Bhasa Great Poet – Chittadhar ‘Hridaya – English version [Part 1], [Part 2]

A French Cowboy, ex-journalist from France toils in Nepali soil [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]

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